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GSC commenced in August 2016 at the Govardhan Eco Village, prompted by enthusiastic feedback from students and parents. Responding to this positive reception, a decision was made to construct a building on a four-acre plot. Mrs. Mathili Desai, daughter of the late Mr. Arvindbhai Mofatlal, financed the project personally. The inauguration of this approximately 70,000 square foot building took place in February 2021
The administration at the Govardhan Skill Centre is overseen directly by Mrs. Maithili Desai, who serves as the Director. Guided by her leadership, a team including Mr. Ajay Ranagire (CEO, GM) and Mr. Anand Gosavi (Principal) manages the training programs and day-to-day operations.
At GSC, equal emphasis is placed on knowledge, skills, and values. Students undergo rigorous training in discipline, starting from morning exercises to evening sessions on value education. Our policies strictly prohibit the use of liquor, tobacco, smoking, meat consumption, and illicit relationships between individuals.
GSC is accredited by NSDC, Skill India, NIOS, and MKCL.
Certifications GSC
_Maithili Desai, Founder, GSC