Our Mission

Creating sustainable solutions for synergized social, economical, ecological and cultural conditions of our rural community

Aims & Objectives of the Program

  • Training students in the philosophy of ‘Learning while doing’
  • Training for livelihood through self-employment
  • Training in multiple skills
  • Training in various technologies for knowledge and skill transfer to the society
  • Involvement in various rural development activities as a project work, thus integrating rural development and education.
  • Making various services available to the community at a modest cost
  • Real-life training for enhancing life-skills
  • Training in latest Agricultural technology

What is the Need of Skill Development Center


  • Labor force to be generated by 2023 : 47.08 Lakh
  • Total target population to be trained for skill development annually: 44, 695
  •  Annual capacity of the district to train students is extremely less
         1. Short term skilling: 4830
         2. ITI (Government and Private): 40

      Hence, important for other organizations to bridge the skilling gap

*   Source: Micro- Level Skill Gap Study for the State of Maharashtra dated 2019

Our Work So Far...

1. Engineering (21 skills are taught)


Ferro Cement construction
RCC Construction
Pointing, Plastering and Painting
Estimation of material


Basic Joints of Carpentry
Carving on Lathe Machine
Plywood Work
More Points To ad


Measurement and Conversion of units
Welding and Plumbing and Soldering
Threading & Tapping of Metals
Estimation Projects

2. Energy And Environment (21 skills)


Crop Selection, Seed Treatment
Pest Control and Vermicompost
Irrigation Techniques
Soil and Water Testing

Animal Husbandry

Animal Temperature & Age
Calculating Animal Weight
Method of Milking and Feeding
Control of internal external parasite of animals

3. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (18 skills)


Electrical accessories and wiring
Installation of motor using starters
Measuring electrical parameters
Wiring of Solar lighting systems


Plane table survey with traverse
Making of contours using dumpty level.
Construction of Soak pit and Septic tank.


Maintenance of Diesel Engine
Basics Of Biogas Plant
Fuel Efficiency Measurement

4. Health & Home (15 skills are taught)

Health and Home

Blood Group Testing
Basic Yoga Practices
Personal Hygiene
Making Aelovera Jel and Oil

Food Preservation

Processed jam, jelly, squash
Bakery Products
Processed nuts, pickles
Preparation of soya milk

Features of Skill Development Center

Other Courses